Hirado shonzui yunomi

Hirado shonzui yunomi
Hirado shonzui
Hirado shonzui kumidashi tea cup

Showcasing a piece of Nagasaki history,this traditional "shonzui"pattern depicts scenes around the town of Hirado, home to an important port which opened up to foreign trade in 1550. Much loved by the local Hirado clan, the design features panels of delicate sketches interspersed with traditional patterns in a deep sometsuke blue.Intricate yet at the same time dynamic,classic blue and white pottery at its best.

Handmade in Mikawachi, Nagasaki pref.,Japan
by Hirado Matsuyama kiln.

Approx. size: diameter 3.6"(9.3cm); height 1.9"(4.9cm)
Approx. volume: 140ml / 4.7 oz up to the rim

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