Arita teacups
Kisen sencha cups

Arita Ocean wave teacups (5 piece set)

This simple set of five cups with its dark blue somestuke wave pattern shows off the pure white Arita yaki glaze at its best. The clean white interior of the cups is perfect for appreciating the color of green tea and the nice thin quality of the china makes this set highly recommended for green tea drinkers everywhere.

Approx. Size: diameter 3.4"(8.8cm); height 2.2" (5.8cm).

Approx. vol. 180ml(6 oz) *full capacity

Made in Arita, Japan by Kisen kiln

US$78.99 (Shipping charges not included.)
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*In Japan, teacups such as these are normally used with saucers. A suitable selection can be found on our Sakura bark products page. Please take a look!

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