Silk road yunomi from Shinemon kiln

Silk road yunomi teacup from Shinemon kiln


The cup you receive may differ slightly in appearance to the one shown above.

This is because each piece is individually hand made and the glaze pattern

can never be exactly reproduced.


Silk road yunomi from Shinemon kiln

A stunning teacup with a dramatic glaze.from the Shinemon kiln (of craftsman Baba Shinemon).The deep red and earthy yellow hues echo the scenery around the ancient Silk Road trading route through Asia.

Approx. Size: diameter 2.7"(7.1cm); height 3" (7.8cm)
Approx. vol. 200ml(6.7oz)
Made in Arita, Japan

US$50.00 (Shipping charges not included.)
Shipping charges
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