Nanbugata arare pattern Tetsubin kettle with a copper lid by Kunzan

An imposing kettle crafted by the third generation traditional craftsman Kunzan, who is known for his mastery of traditional techniques coupled with imaginative new innovations. The added feature of a copper lid is unusual and adds a touch of elegance.Improper use (such as heating while empty or boiling over a strong flame) can result in serious damage which cannot be repaired. Please follow the enclosed instructions carefully.This kettle has a hollow handle, a feature which is normally reserved for kettles of a much higher price. This is because it is hammered out of one sheet of metal by a skilled craftsman and requires a lot of time and expertise to produce. Therefore only small quantities of this type of handle can be made. The little holes on the handle ("mushi kui", literally "bug bitemarks"!) are to let out the heat and make the handle cooler to hold. The bottom edge of the kettle has a rough finish, designed to make it look as if it is a crumbling away. This is done to enhance the "wabi sabi" (rustic appeal) of the piece. This kettle has been specially treated by steam baking for 30-40 minutes, an oxidization process which improves its rust proof qualities. Despite this, care should always be taken to empty the kettle thoroughly after each use.

Length : Approx. 7.8" (20cm)
Height: 10.2" (26cm)
Vol. approx. 2.0 liter (67 oz)

Handcrafted in Morioka, Japan by Traditional craftsman at Kunzan workshop

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