Japanese tin ware tea caddy


Japanese tin ware tea caddy

Japanese tin ware tea caddy


Handcrafted ridged Senju tea caddy - smoky brick

This caddy has been beautifully crafted on a wheel to create the evenly ridged pattern and coated with a layer of paint. The warm reddish tinge has a grainy finish and provides the perfect background for the thin silver lines.
The craftsman's expertise has ensured that the lid fits perfectly, making the caddy air tight and protecting the tea leaves from any excess moisture.

Handcrafted in Osaka, Japan at Osaka Suzu-ki Co.

Approx size: diameter 2.6"(6.8cm), height 4.1"(10.5cm)
capacity 100g Item weight 500 g / 17.6 oz

* As all the pieces are individually hand crafted, there may be a slight discrepancy in size between the items.

US$205.00 (shipping charges not included)
+ Shipping charges SOLD

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