Potter’s profile- Tanikawa Katsuaki

1951 - Born in Tokoname, Aichi prefecture
1971 - Graduated from the Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Commercial High School
Entered the Tokoname Municipal Ceramic Research Institute

1979 - Left the Institute and became an independent potter

Tanikawa Katsuaki has exhibited both domestically and internationally, gaining recognition for his work at the following events:

The Nitten Exhibition (awarded 23 times, received the Chunichi Prize)
The Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition (received the Chunichi prize, the Aichi Governor’s prize, the Contemporary Craft Grand Prize, the Contemporary Craft Committee prize, the Judges prize)
The Asahi Ceramic Crafts Exhibition (received the Incentive Award)
The Choza Prize Ceramic Exhibition (awarded the Choza Prize 6 times, and the Incentive Award)
The Seto City New Century Craft Center Project Exhibition

France - Vallauris International Ceramic Biennale (siver medal)
Italy - Faienza International Ceramic Exhibition
Germany – Contemporary Crafts/New Japanese Crafts travelling exhibition

He has also worked as an Instructor at the Chunichi Culture Center and held several private exhibitions




Tanikawa Katsuaki

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