Japanese handmade pottery from Okinawa

In the 14-16th century , many pottery and porcelain wares were brought into Ryukyu kingdom from neighboring countries such as China and South East Asia and at the same time, pottery making techniques were introduced. By the early 17th century 、these imports ceased and Korean potters were invited to Ryukyu (present-day Okinawa) from Satsuma to teach them Korean style pottery making. The underglazed decorated pottery made in this period is said to be the origins of Tsuboya pottery.

These pottery items are handmade in the Tsuboya area of Naha city in Okinawa by the studio "Ikutoen" which has been creating artistic everyday ware for over 6 generations. They are proud of producing Okinawan Arts & Crafts by blending their own glazes and clay.

*The price indicated is per individual piece.
As these are handcrafted items, slight variations in color and size may occur. 
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Okinawan Sgraffito Okinawa sgraffito arabesque cup

Okinawan Sgraffito handcrafted cup

Diameter :8.8cm(3.4"); Height 8.2cm(3.2")
*The sizes may vary slightly due to the nature of handcrafted pottery.

Okinawan Akae yunomi tea cup
Japanese pottery - Okinawa - sgraffito plate Japanese pottery - Okinawa - sgraffito arabesque tea cup

Akae yunomi tea cup
Diameter :7.7cm(3"); Height 7.6cm(2.9") 180ml/5.4oz

US$22.00 availability:2

Sgraffito Fish motif plate
Diameter 11cm(4.3"); Height 3cm(1.2")

US$12.00 availability: 3
Sgraffito arabesque Tea cup
Diameter :7cm(2.8"); Height 7.3cm(2.9")

US$22.00 availability:1
Okinawan ebi yunomi teacup Okinawan fish on red guinomi sake cup Japanese pottery - Okinawa - sgraffito plate

Sgraffito shrimp tea cup
Diameter :7.7cm(3"); Height 7.5cm(2.9")

US$16.00 Availability : 6

Fish motif on red Guinomi (sake cup)
Diameter :5.7cm(2.2"); Height 4cm(1.5")

US26.00 availability: 4
Sgraffito Fish motif plate(m)
Diameter 15.5cm(6.1")
US$25.00 Availability : 3
Japanese pottery - Okinawa - sgraffito fish mitif teapot  
Sgraffito Fish motif teapot
Width18cm(7"),Height 13cm(5.1") without the handle、700ml (23oz)
US$128.00 SOLD
  Okinawan Sgraffito handcrafted mug
Width (incl. handle) 12.8cm(5");
Height 10.7cm (4.2")
US$46.00 Availability : 5

Sgraffito Fish motif tea cup
Diameter :8cm(3.1"); Height 7cm(2.7")
US$22.50 Availability : 3

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