Arita shichifukujin guinomi set

This set of seven guinomi features the seven lucky gods of Japanese mythology. Each individual guinomi bears a portrait of a god with the name featured alongside. The seven gods are as follows: Ebisu, holding a sea bream, is the god of fishermen and by association, the god of merchants. Daikokuten, with his rice bushels and lucky mallet, is the god of wealth, commerce and trade. Hoteison, with his large belly, is the god of abundance and good health. Fukurokuju, carrying a scroll, is the god of happiness. Jurojin, with his elongated head and holding a staff, is the god of longevity. Benzaiten, holding a lute, is the goddess of knowledge, art and beauty. Bishamonten, dressed in warrior costume, is the god of warriors.
Handmade in Arita, Japan by Kisen

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