New Year O-toso set from Kisen kiln

O-toso is the name of a special drink made from sake and a mixture of medicinal herbs which is traditionally drunk during the Japanese New Year celebrations.
Considered to promote longevity and flush out impurities, it was believed that imbibing O-toso would ensure good health for all who drank it. Starting with the smallest cup, the family would each take a sip in turn, while praying for an illness-free year.
Nowadays, the tradition is strongest in the west part of Japan and plain sake is used when the herbs are not available.
The set consists of a porcelain o-choshi pot, porcelain sake cups in three sizes and a porcelain ornamental stand.
An attractive item with an interesting story behind it … this set would provide a good talking-point at your own family gathering.

Choshi pot Approx. height 4.5"(11.6cm);length 5.9";(15.1cm), vol. 220ml(7.4oz) Sakazuki cup (large) Approx. height 1.6"(4.1cm) ,diameter 4.1"(10.5cm), vol. 105ml(3.5oz) Sakazuki cup (medium) Approx. height 1.4"(3.8cm) ,diameter 3.9"(8.9cm), vol. 62ml(2.1oz) Sakazuki cup (small) Approx. height 1.1"(3cm) ,diameter 2.8"(7.3cm), vol. 35ml(1.1oz) Sakazuki stand approx. height 2.8"(7.2cm);length 5.4";(13.9cm)

Made in Arita, Japan by Kisen

US$98.00 (Shipping charges not included.)
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