Potter’s profile ― Saito Takashi

Attended the Potter’s Training Center in Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture
Became apprenticed to Bizen Living National Treasure Isezaki Jun
Established his own kiln in Osafunecho, Setouchi city, Okayama prefecture


OkayamaPrefectural Arts Exhibition – Incentive Prize
Issuikai Exhibition – Issuikai Prize
Toushinnkai Exhibition – Head of NHK Okayama Broadcasting Prize
Tenmanya Prize
Okayama Kaikan Prize

Public Exhibitions

Asahi Tougei Exhibition
Japan Crafts Association East Chugoku Branch Exhibition
Issuikai Exhibition
Chugoku International Pottery Exhibition
International Pottery Biennale Exhibition
Chanoyu Creations Exhibitions
Yakishime Pottery Exhibition
Choza Prize Exhibition
Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition for invitees

Private Exhibitions

Asuka Gallery (Okayama), Shinjuku Mitsukoshi (Tokyo), Shibuya Kuroda Gallery (Tokyo), Gallery Roora (Nagoya),
Tachikichi (Kyoto)


Mr. Saito Takashi in front of his workshop, the view from his workshop, Elutriation process for making clay, climbing kiln