Kurokourai dobin teapot by Kimata Kaoru


Kurokourai dobin teapot by Kimata Kaoru











Madara Karatsu dobin teapot by Kimata Kaoru


Kuro Kourai black dobin teapot

A charmingly rustic dobin style kyusu with a vine handle. The grainy clay base peeking through the natural glaze gives the pot an interesting texture.

This lid does not not fit as tightly as that of a Tokoname teapot but it is nevertheless perfectly functional.Built-in ceramic filter.

Approx. size: width (at widest point) 7"(18cm), height 8"(20.4cm)
volume 26oz (770ml)

This does not come in a wooden box.
Handcrafted in Hyogo prefecture by Kimata Kaoru.


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