The cup you receive may differ slightly in appearance to the one shown in the main photo. This is because each piece is individually hand made and the same glaze pattern can never be exactly reproduced.

Kairagi rugged yunomi by Mukuhara Kashun

Beautifully rugged yunomi, roughly hexagonal in shape covered in a thick, creamy glaze. The name "kairagi" comes from the fact that the pattern made by the glaze was thought to resemble the sharkskin used for the handles of Samurai swords. Incised cuts in the sides and a recessed ridge under the rim make the yunomi easy to hold.
Handcrafted in Hagi, Japan by Mukuhara Kashun of Furuhata kiln
Approx size: diameter 7.6 cm / 3",height 6.9 cm / 2.7"
capacity up to the rim 170 ml / 5.3oz

US$27.00 each (Shipping charges not included)