Aohagi ippukuwan tea bowl by Noutomi Susumu


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Aohagi wan #2(pair) by Notomi Susumu

Small tea cups with the blue crackled glaze. The dark blue glaze is thick and smooth, getting gradually brighter in color towards the bottom of the cup. The blue color is obtained under reduced firing and the craftsman can achieve the gradating shades of blue by adjusting the blend of clay and glaze. Noutomi Susumu is the owner of the Choun kiln and also produces one-off pieces of art. He exhibits frequently and has won numerous awards and prizes.

Approx. size: diameter 3.2"(8.3cm); height 2.2"(5.8cm)
Vol. approx. 4 oz (120ml) * up to the rim

Hand-crafted in Hagi, Japan by Noutomi Susumu

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