Noutomi Susumu
Taikazan Choun Noutomi Susumu kiln

Potter's profile - Noutomi Susumu

1951 (Feb.19) - Born in Hagi, Yamaguchi pref.
1973 - Graduated from the Engineering dept. of Kanto Gakuin University
1975 - Started his apprenticeship under his father Choun
1985 - Started producing pieces with his own stamp

Awards and Prizes

Since 1985 , he has entered pieces in numerous exhibitions and has been awarded various prizes such as: Incentive Prize from the Yamaguchi section chief of the Japan Crafts Assoc. (1990) Honorable mention for his Blue Hagi plate at the Yamaguchi Fine Arts Exhibition (1991) Yamaguchi Governor‘s Incentive Prize at the West Japan Ceramic Arts and Crafts Exhibition (1999) Hagi City Cultural Incentive Prize (2000) Incentive Prize at the West Japan Ceramic Arts and Crafts Exhibition for his “Ryumon” vase (2003)


He has held many private exhibitions throughout Japan, notably in major department stores such as Mitsukoshi in Shinjuku & Nihonbashi and Takashimaya in Nihonbashi. He also exhibited at the World Ceramic Expo 2001, held in Korea. Noutomi Susumu is a notable craftsman who has garnered world-wide recognition for his Blue Hagi items and “Yuragi” series. In 2005 he was featured in a TV Program on the BS Asahi network. He has been a member of the Japan Arts and Crafts Assoc. since 1995

Noutomi Susumu in front of his noborigama kiln

Aohagi(blue) vase

Shirahagi chawan - Glaze running upwards from the bottom

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