Potter’s profile ― Atarashi Manabu

1973 - Born in Osaka , Japan
1995 - Graduated from the literature department of Kansai University
1999 - Became apprenticed to his father, Atarashi  Kanji

2002 - Built his own Anagama (cave kiln)

            Held the first exhibition of his career in Kobe

2003 - Began exhibiting regularly both individually and as part of a group

2008 - Built his second Anagama (cave kiln)

2011 - Built a new wood-firing kiln 

2013 - Awarded a prize at the 6th Gendai Chato Ten
(Modern Ceramic Teaware Exhibition)

2021 - Built another Anagama (cave kiln)

Atarashi Manabu is considered one of the young rising stars of Iga yaki. He has exhibited extensively in many fine art galleries all over Japan.

Atarashi Manabu