Igayaki houjiki (houroku) pot

This is specially designed pot for roasting tea to make your own houjicha.Place the tea leaves in the pot and heat over a low flame. As the leaves begin to move, toss them gently using an up-down movement. Slowly but surely the tea leaves will change color and give off a deep, rich aroma. Leave to cool naturally and then brew.

Roasting your own tea has two advantages. Not only can you resolve the problem of mounting stocks of old tea, but you can also enjoy experimenting with different teas and roasting times to create your very own original blend of Houji-cha.

This pot can also be used to roast sesame seeds, rice snacks, beans, salt etc., opening up a whole new world of sensory experiences!
Made in Mie-pref, Japan at Nagatanien
This does not come in a gift box.
Approx. size: Max length 20 cm / 7.8", height 8.8 cm / 3.4"
US$60.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD OUT