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Tsutsugata hada Tetsubin kettle by Kiyosue IV of Iwachu #2

Kiyosue is the name given to the apprentices of Iwashimizu Suekichi, the founder of Iwachu. This kettle was made by the fourth generation Kiyosue who is carrying on the traditional techniques perfected by his master.

The name "hada" in the title refers to the grainy texture of this kettle which is crafted in a characteristic cylindrical shape with the Iwachu stamp embossed next to the spout.The handle is fixed in place and cannot be folded down.
This kettle has been specially treated by steam baking for 30-40 minutes, an oxidisation process which improves its rust proof qualities. Despite this, care should always be taken to empty the kettle thoroughly after each use.
Length : Approx. 20 cm / 7.8", Height: 25 cm / 9.8",
Vol. approx. 1.6 liter (54 oz)

Handcrafted in Japan by Traditional craftsman "Kiyosue IV, Fujiwara Shinichi" of Iwachu

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