Kinrante hana karakusa guinomi by Yoshita Minori (green)

Profile of Yoshita Minori - Kinzan kiln

Yoshita Minori is a third generation Kutaniyaki craftsman based in Komatsu city, Ishikawa Prefecture.
He is a Designated Living National Treasure, recognized for his Yuri Kinsai (gold foil design) technique

1932- Born in Ishikawa Prefecture
1951- Took over the running of Kinzan kiln from his father
1963 - Awarded the Prefectural Governor’s Prize at the 2nd Kutaniyaki New Works Exhibition
1974 - Awarded a prize at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1976 - Awarded a prize at the Asahi Ceramics Exhibition (awarded twice subsequently)
1979 - His Yuuri Kinsai bowl was selected for purchase by the Foreign Ministry of Japan
1980 - Won the Excellence Prize at the 3rd Traditional Kutaniyaki Crafts Exhibition
1982 - Won the Members Prize at the Issui Kai Ceramics Exhibition
1984 - Awarded a prize at the Chunichi International Ceramics Exhibition (awarded twice subsequently)
1984 - Won the Incentive Prize at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1992- Won the Takamatsu no Miya Commemorative Prize at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1992- Designated an Intangible Cultural Asset by Ishikawa Prefecture
1993 - His Yuuri Kinsai bowl was chosen for permanent display at the Sakura Museum (part of the Smithsonian Museum) in Washington DC, USA 1995 - Awarded the 1994 Members Prize by the Japan Ceramics Association 1995- Awarded the Supervisor’s prize at the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
1997 - Won the Kutani Prize at the International Iroe Ceramics Competition
2000- Won the Supervisor’s Prize and the Titleholder’s Prize at the 47th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2001 - Awarded the Purple Ribbon and the title of Living National Treasure by the Japanese Government. Also awarded the Ishikawa Prefecture and Hokkoku Cultural Awards
2002 - Awarded the Komatsu City Cultural Award
2006 - Awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure (Gold Rays with Rosette)
2007 - His “Wazanomi” was selected for display at the British Museum, London
2012 - His work was included in the Japan Techniques and Beauty Contemporary Crafts Exhibition organized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in Florence, Italy
Handcrafted in Ishikawa prefecture by Yoshita Minori , a Living National Treasure
Comes in a signed wooden box
Approx.size: Width 6.7 cm / 2.6", height 4.8 cm / 1.8"
Approx. vol. 95 ml / 3.2 oz

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