Higuchi Masayuki


Masayuki Higuchi studied under Bizen ware Living National Treasure Yamamoto Toushu for 5 years.
Although he is now based in Tajimi, Gifu prefecture and his present works classified as Shino ware, a Bizen influence can be detected in their bold shape and form. His sublime firing techniques result in a depth of color adding to the beauty of the traditional Shino glaze. Mr. Higuchi has his own wood-fired kilns situated in Oogaya. This is in the vicinity of where the ruins of the ancient Momoyama kilns were discovered and also where the famous Mino ceramicist, Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo (1894-1985) conducted his research into manufacturing traditional Shino glazes.

Masayuki Higuchi uses the natural surroundings of his current environment as inspiration, creating dignified pieces rooted in the traditions of the past but possessing a refreshing elegance relevant to the present day.