Japanese Ceramic Ornaments
from Arita (Imari), Kutani and Tokoname etc.

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Arita manekineko by Enzaemon Arita beckoning cat (Manekineko) from Enzaemon kiln

Width 8.8 cm / 3.5", Height 11.7 cm / 4.6"
Material: porcelain

US$ 68.00
Arita Yokozuna (Grand Sumo Champion) from Enzaemon kiln

Width 16.1 cm / 6.3", Height 12.4 cm / 4.9"
Material: porcelain
Plinth (made of MDF) included in the set.

US$ 180.00 SOLD

Arita porcelain Year of the OX ornament

This is an auspicious ornament for year of the Ox. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the year where success will only be gained through hard work. It will provide us with the opportunity to pull together to resolve the problems of the previous year and strive to create a better world.

Width approx. 14.5 cm / 5.7", height approx. 8.3 cm / 3.2"
Made in Arita, Japan at Kitagawa Togei

US$ 38.00
Plinth (MDF) included
Kutani maneki neko - red moriage Kutani Maneki neko - moriage red

Hand crafted swirly moriage designs add color and texture to this figure with a truly sumptous feel.


Height 14.5cm / 5.7"
Material: porcelain

US$ 75.00 SOLD
Kutani Heart Pig

Height 8.4 cm / 3.3"
Material: porcelain

US$ 48.00

Jizou (guardian deity of children) by Kajitani Yoshika

Approx. size: Width 4.2 cm - 4.9 cm / 1.6" - 1.9",
height 8.6 cm -8.9 cm / 3.3" - 3.5"
Handcrafted in Kyoto
Color: brown or white

US$26.00 each SOLD OUT
Praying Daruma ( or Dharma, the founder of Zen) 

Approx. size: Width 7.5 cm / 2.9",
8.2 cm / 3.2" high

Handcrafed by Mukaeda Hideo at Warabe kobo studio in Saga-pref., Japan

US$60.00 Availability: 1
Fishing lucky cat 

Approx. size: Width 10.5 cm / 4.1",
10 cm / 3.9" high (The bamboo fishing rod not included in the indicated height)
The cloth cushion included.

Handcrafed by Mukaeda Hideo at Warabe kobo studio in Saga-pref., Japan

US$73.00 Availability:0 SOLD
Shigaraki sitting cat from Hechimon collection

Approx. size: width 5.5 cm / 2.1", height 7.3 cm / 2.8",
US$27.50 SOLD
Kutani Karajishi (shishi) -Guardian Deity
(bringing good fortune)

Width 10.6" (27cm), Height 11.8" (30cm)