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In the middle of Miyama villege there is a large traditional gate which is serves as the entrance to the renowned Chin Jukan kiln, now run by Chin Jukan XV.
Going through the gate, you will find Chin Jukan museum on the right, housing astonishing early Satsuma as well as masterpieces by Chin Jukan XII. Unfortunately no pictures are allowed inside, but I can vouch for the fact that all the pieces are of a very high museum quality.

Behind the museum there is a store selling items from Chin Jukan kiln (see some of them below) and above the store there is a small hall where pieces by the present master Chin Jukan XV are displayed.


Here are items for sale in the store.

Pictured is Mr.Niizuma Mamoru of Kougetsu kiln.


I found his items in a high quality store in Kagoshima city and was so impressed by their exquisiteness that I decided to request a visit to his kiln.


Mr. Niizuma gracefully agreed even though he was extremely busy preparing for an exhibition.


He works alone, creating these extraordinary pieces from start to finish. His glazing and hand-painting techniques are amazing.


Unfortunately this means that he cannot produce a large number of pieces to order. In the future, I really hope that I'll have the chance to order some pieces from him.


Here are some of Mr. Niizuma's pieces.


The purple gradation seen on the cup is original.


The incense holders with a basketweave effect (seen in the bottom left picture) are astonishing pieces of work and sell in the region of 600,000 JPY (approx. US$6,400).


His creations are a masterful blend of modern elements and tradition.


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