Soba buckwheat noodles


In soba restaurants or stand-up soba stands,cold soba buckwheat noodles (zaru soba) are almost always served on a flat bamboo sieve or basket to allow for the draining of any excess water. Noodles are placed on the removable bamboo mat which has a space underneath to catch the drips. The round recess is for the "tsuyu"sauce and the rectangular section for "yakumi", thinly sliced leek, scallions, 7-spice powder etc.



For home dining, sets such as this are also very popular. The large bowl is for the cold noodles. Not only soba but thin somen noodles and hiyamugi noodles are often served in this way.

Diners first take the "yakumi" which is artistically presented on the rectangular plates and add it to the soba "tsuyu"(sauce) contained in the stocky little cups known as "soba choko". They take the noodles from the large dish with their chopsticks, dip them in the sauce and slurp away!

This kind of communal dining is particularly enjoyed when relatives gather during the summer Obon holiday and has a special place in the hearts of most Japanese people.




Soba choko have been cherished by Japanese

people since the Edo period.Antique pieces have become collector's items and are valued for their individuality and characteristic designs.

The soba choko on the left are reproductions of traditional designs.

In recent years, soba choko in vivid, modern designs have appeared on the market.Traditional tableware has been given a fresh twist to appeal to the younger generation and to ensure the continuation of this dining tradition for many years to come.


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