Tanbun gama Kiln

Tanbun gama kiln is now owned by the third generation potter Mr. Onishi Fumihiro (see photo below).

He produces items along with his uncle Takashi and his son Masafumi.

The Tanbayaki items which are sold in Artistic Nippon are fired in the climbing kiln, unless otherwise stated (seen in the photo below). As the shape resembles a snake, the kiln is also known by the nick-name "Hebi gama" (Snake kiln). It is fired 4-5 times annually and produces unique items with a natural glaze.

Mr. Onishi Masafumi (the son) was born in 1980. After completing his studies at Graduated from the Art Design Department of Naniwa Junior College (current name: Osaka University of Arts Junior college), he was apprenticed with Kato Hiroshige at Kasen touen in Akatsu, Seto,  Aichi Prefecture. He is now taking over the traditions of his forefathers and ensuring that these beautiful naturally glazed pieces live on.

Nishihata Daibi

Noborigama (Climbing kiln)


Mr. Onishi Masafumi

Mr. Onishi Masafumi