Osaka tin Pot shape tea caddy

This tea caddy has been beautifully crafted on a wheel. The pattern is first drawn with Japanese lacquer or enamel.The caddy is subsequently dipped into a liquid which corrodes the surface , leaving a marked contrast between the smoky base and the glossy pattern. .
The craftsman's expertise has ensured that the lid fits perfectly, making the caddies air tight and protecting the tea leaves from any excess moisture.
Handcrafted in Osaka, Japan at Osaka Suzu-ki Co.
Comes in a wooden gift box.
Approx size & weight:
diameter 7.3 cm / 2.8", height 9 cm / 3.5", weight 310 g

Holds approx. 50g of sencha tea.
* As all the pieces are individually hand crafted, there may be a slight discrepancy in size between the items.
USD$258.00 SOLD
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