Engraved Mt. Fuji Kokudei teapot by Fugetsu

The design on this teapot is inspired by a poem by Yamabe no Akahito (700-736) from Manyoshu, an ancient poem collection.
The poem can be translated as: As I walk towards Tago Bay, Mount Fuji's tall white peak appears, dusted with drifting snow

Built-in ceramic mesh filter
Handmade by craftsman Murakoshi Fugetsu, who learned his craft from Yamada Jozan III, a National Living Treasure and recipient of numerous prestigious prizes. .The engraving is by Tokoname engraver, Shinka

Comes in a signed wooden box.
Length (body + handle): Approx. 12.9 cm / 5" Height: 9.3 cm / 3.6"
Vol. approx. 260 ml / 8.7 oz

US$295.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD