Tobikanna teapot by Gyokko (small)

Tobikanna is the name for the tool used to create the distinctive pattern on this pot. It is a simple tool made of iron or bamboo which hops and plunges against a moving clay surface, creating texture and incised decoration simultaneously.
A small size teapot suitable for a cup of tea.
Built-in ceramic mesh filter
Handmade by Gyokko in Tokoname, Japan
Length (body + handle): Approx. 12.5 cm / 4.9", Height: 7.5cm / 3",
Volume: Approx. 140 ml - 170 ml / 4.7 oz - 5.7 oz

*The volume of each teapot is measured at full capacity (ie. filled right up to the rim, just under the lid)
US$38.80 (Shipping charges not included)