Tokoname teapot by Houryuu

Kokudei pine bark teapot by Houryu

A supremely elegant, carefully crafted teapot . The body is made using a mold but the pine-bark effect is made on the potter's wheel before the clay is completely dry. The pine-bark effect on the lid and body contrasts beautifully with the smooth lines of the handle and spout. A subtle accent has been created by scraping clay away around the rim, showing a thin line of shudei(brick red color).
Built-in ceramic mesh filter
Handcrafted in Tokoname, Japan by Houryu
* This teapot comes from Tokoname's premium "Chozaburo"selection. The teapots in this selection have all received awards at the prestigious "Choza Prize" competition named after Ina Chozaburo, an influential potter who contributed greatly to the development of Tokoname pottery over a hundred years ago.

Comes in a paper box with the "Chozaburo" logo.
Approx. size: length 17.5 cm / 6.8", height 8.8 cm / 3.4"
volume 360 ml / 12.1 oz
*The volume of each teapot is measured at full capacity (ie. filled right up to the rim, just under the lid).

US$52.00 (Shipping charges not included)

*Left-handed teapots are also available.
Approx. size: length 6.8"(17.5cm), height 3.4"(8.8cm)
volume 360ml/ 12.1 oz

This teapot comes in the identical box, but the box does not have the Tokoname's premium "Chozaburo"selection sticker on it.