Potter's profile - Konishi Yohei

1941 - Born in Tokoname City, Aichi prefecture, Japan.  The eldest son of Tokoname craftsman Yusen.

1959 - Graduated from Ceramic Industry Department of Tokoname High School.

Mr. Konishi Yohei  entered his first piece at an exhibition in 1960, a year after leaving High School and has been active as a potter ever since.

He has had a long and illustrious career winning prizes at prestigious exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.


Some of his achievements include:

1960 & 1962  - Awarded at the Japan Contemporary Ceramic Crafts Exhibition

1961- Awarded at the Japan Ceramic Crafts Exhibition

1978 - Awarded the Silver prize at  the Vallauris Ceramic Exhibition in France

1980 to 1984- Awarded at the Japan Traditional  Ceramic Crafts Exhibition
  & 1993           

1981 - Recognized as a full member of the Japan Traditional Ceramic Crafts Association       

1983 to 1986– Awarded at the Chunichi International Ceramic Exhibition

1997– Awarded at the Japan Traditional  Ceramic Crafts Exhibition for his “Rihi (pearskin) teapot”

In addition to these awards he has been the recipient of the Choza Prize and also won the highest prize at the 1st Tokoname Ceramic Design Competition.

In 2001 & 2002 he served as Chairman of the Tokoname Art Association and in 2008 was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Asset in Tokoname.

Mr. Konishi Yohei has also exhibited extensively at reputed galleries and major department stores around Japan.

Konishi Yohei