Mogake teapot by Konishi Yohei #162

A beautiful one-off teapot crafted with fine attention to detail. The spotted effect on the body of this teapot is a reproduction of the "pear skin"finish of the old days, and has been achieved by mixing manganese powder into the pale clay. The seaweed used for the mogake pattern was actually collected by Konishi Yohei himself.
Handcrafted by craftsman Konishi Yohei, eldest son of Yusen I, recognized as a Tokoname City Human Cultural Asset and recipient of numerous prestigious prizes.

Length (body + handle): Approx. 12.8 cm / 5"
Height: 10.4 cm / 4"
Vol. approx. 340 ml / 11.4 fl oz

US$500.00 (Shipping charges not included)