Dragon engraved Shudei teapot by Konishi Yohei/ Hiroo #8

A beautiful and rare piece stemming from the collaboration of father and son. This was made when Konishi Yohei was 79 years old (4 years ago.)
The kyusu was made by Yohei and engraved by his son Hiroo, who is also a gifted potter in his own right.
There are a couple shallow firing cracks on the filter surface, but they should not develop further as they are firm.
The teapot is handcrafted by craftsman Konishi Yohei, eldest son of Yusen I, recognized as a Tokoname City Human Cultural Asset and recipient of numerous prestigious prizes and engraved by his son Konishi Hiroo.

Length (body + handle): Approx.10.8 cm / 4.2"
Height: 11.1 cm / 4.3"
Vol. approx. 280 ml / 9.4 fl oz *Up to underneath the lid.

US$685.00 (Shipping charges not included)