Rihi pearskin kyusu teapot (Larger) by Mizuno Hiroshi

A beautifully crafted flat kyusu with a precisely fitted lid and minutely adjusted spout which is slightly angled inwards for maximum performance.Rihi (pearskin) gives the impression of a grainy surface, but it is actually very nice and smooth to the touch.
Mizuno Hiroshi blends his own original clay in a process taking up to six months. He also pays special attention to producing the perfect ceramic filter, crafting each one individually to fit a particular teapot.

Hiroshi learned his craft from Yamada Jozan III, a National Living Treasure.
Built-in handcrafted ceramic mesh filter.
Handcrafted in Tokoname, Japan by Hiroshi (Mr. Mizuno Hiroshi)
Mizuno Hiroshi's profile (Click here)

Length (body + handle): Approx. 16 cm / 6.2", Height: Approx. 6.5cm / 2.5",
Vol. approx. 275 - 330 ml / 9.2 - 11.1 oz

US$120.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD