Tree frog - SOLD



Tokoname craftsman Motozo


Yohen guinomi sake cup by Motozo (Tree frog and Siamese cat)

Handmade by the craftsman Kameoka Katsushi of the 'Motozo kiln' in Tokoname.

Tree frog
Width (Not incl. the frog) : Approx. 7.4cm/ 2.9"
Height: approx. 5.5cm/2.1"
Vol. approx. 50ml /1.6 oz

Simaese cat
Width (Not incl. the cat) : Approx. 7.6cm/ 2.9"
Height: approx. 5.4cm/2.1"
Vol. approx. 50ml /1.6 oz

US$62.00 each (shipping charges not included.)
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