Tokoname teacup handcrafted by Seiho

(The white spot seen at 10 o'clock in the top picture is a small white pebble stuck in the clay).



Maple leaves bowl by Seiho

The autumnal pattern on this lovely bowl is obtained by placing real maple leaves on a thin layer of slip. The leaves are then peeled off and the details hand finished. If you look closely, you can actually see the imprint of the veins of the original leaf. Subtle, yet graced with thoughtful details - a very charming piece.

Hand crafted by traditional Tokoname craftsman 'Seiho'

Diameter: approx. 10.2cm (4")
Height: approx. 6.5cm (2.5" )
Vol. approx. 350ml (11.8 oz)

US$48.00 (Shipping charges not included) More about Seiho SOLD
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