Tokoname teapot by Houryuu

White teapot (Small) by Shukei #1

This teapot is unusual for a Shunkei piece because it is made using molds. It is not a recent piece.
As white teapots tend to stain faster than darker teapots, it is recommended that you slow down this process by soaking your teapot in clean, cold water before every use.
Built-in handcrafted ceramic mesh filter
Made in Tokoname, Japan by Shukei (Kato Kazufusa)
Approx. size: length 10.8 cm / 4.2", height 6.7 cm / 2.6"
volume 90 ml / 3 oz
*The volume of each teapot is measured at full capacity (ie. filled right up to the rim, just under the lid).

US$65.00 (Shipping charges not included) SOLD