Tokoname teapot by Fujita Tokuta

Yakishime Kikko (tortoiseshell) designed teapot by Touju

Little details converge to give this kyusu its unique character. It is shaped to resemble a tortoise's body with the spout giving the impression of a neck venturing out of the shell.The body is incised in a tortoise shell pattern and is balanced upon four little feet. A unique chain link effect knob graces the lid.
Built-in handcrafted ceramic mesh filter.
Handcrafted in Tokoname, Aichi prefecture, Japan by Touju (Sugie Touju)
This does not come in a wooden box.
Approx. size:length (body + handle) 12.4 cm / 4.8", height 6.5 cm / 2.5"
Approx vol. 160 ml / 5.4 oz
*The volume of each teapot is measured at full capacity (ie. filled right up to the rim, just under the lid).
US$200.00 (Shipping charges not included)