Fukagawa Seiji Rokkasen sakeset

The motif of the Six poets from Rokkasen (Six poetry immortals of mid-nineth century) are dipicted on these pieces. We are selling one tokkuri sake flask and two cups as a set.
Sake flask Approx. Size: width 7.6 cm / 2.9", height 10.7 cm / 4.2"
volume 180 ml / 6 oz
Sake cup Approx. Size: width 4.6 cm / 1.8", height 4.3 cm / 1.6"
volume 40 ml / 1.3 oz
Handcrafted at Fukagawa Seiji in Arita, Saga-pref., Japan

US$27.00 per set *Availability: 1 set (Shipping charges not included)
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