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Gold foil Cherry blossom double photo frame

Goild foil Cherry blossom round tray

Gold foil sweet bowl
Handpainted chrysanthemum & autumn grass sencha cup pair cupUS$55.00 Handpainted Satsuma Shikunshi teapotUS$120.00 Echizen lacquerware - sweet dish US$44.00

Hirado porcelain Gold fish pattern trinket box

Fukagawa Seiji sake set

Fukagawa Seiji
Only cups are available

Kyoyaki Kensui (Waste Water Bowl)
US$20.00 NEW

Kyoyaki matcha bowl
US$28.00 NEW

Kyoyaki matcha bowl

US$22.00 NEW

Kyoyaki matcha bowl
US$18.00 NEW

Kyoyaki matcha bowl
US$12.00 NEW

Dragon geta ornament

Kyoto ware Unkaku (cranes and clouds) incense burner SOLD

Dragon Geta ornament US$50.00

Arita porcelain cup & bowl from Kisen US$6.00 per piece

Gold leaf jewelery box

Kodai silver foil round tray
Doraemon tea cup and saucerDoraemon tea cup and saucerUS$9.00

Bankoyaki ceramic lidded cooking plate
Bankoyaki ceramic lidded cooking plate US$15.00 Arita porcelain rooster flower vase US$18.00

ceramic saucer Aizuryumonyaki pot
US$3.50 per cup US$9.99 Aizu ryumon pottery small pot