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Hp modern beauty yunomi teacup from Kagetsu kiln SOLD Kinsai hidasuki Matcha bowl from Gorobee kiln SOLD Echizen lacquerware - sweet dish US$44.00

Dragon geta ornament

Tokusa teapot by Hokujo SOLD

Dragon Geta ornament US$50.00

Arita porcelain cup & bowl from Kisen US$6.00 per piece

Kyoyaki Dragon yunomi by Shihou SOLD

Kyoto ware Unkaku (cranes and clouds) incense burner US$39.00 Arita white peony sake set Only (Only the flask is available) US$24.99

Banko crane relief dish SOLD OUT

Porcelain Spoon-shaped dish

Kutani large ashtray SOLD

Hello Kitty tea cup and saucer Doraemon tea cup and saucer

Hello Kitty tea cup and saucer


Doraemon tea cup and saucer


Chinese porcelain Lotus teapot US$15.00
Bamboo leaf-shaped plate
Arita bamboo leaf-shaped plate US$18.00 each Arita porcelain rooster flower vase US$30 - 33.00
incl. registered airmail sh.


Kutani Kinsai green sake set
Only flasks are available


Chinese porcelain handpainted Chahai Serving pitcher SOLD

ceramic saucer Aizuryumonyaki pot
US$9.99 Aizu ryumon pottery small pot