Banko teapots by Otsuki Shun

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Banko Odare teapot by Otsuki Shun #17

A classical Odore shape, reminiscent of a cast iron tea ceremont brazier.
Otsuki Shun is a promising young potter who takes pride in his craft during every stage of the creative process, deriving inspiration from the advice of experienced Banko craftsmen and tea ceremony masters.
The clay which he makes himself is of a high quality, producing a smooth finish and clean lines.
Handcrafted built-in ceramic mesh filter
Comes in a paper gift box.
Handmade in Mie pref., Japan
Approx size: length (body + handle) 14 cm / 5.5", height 9.7 cm / 3.8"
Approx. vol. 320 ml / 10.8 fl oz

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