Gagyu pampas grass sencha cup

The 13th generation traditional craftsman Yokoishi Gagyu has created these delightful tea cups using a 250 year old brush technique reintroduced by his father. Slip is brushed across the red clay surface of the cup to produce a marbled effect, reminiscent of pampas grass stalks swaying in the breeze. The cup has a lovely smooth finish and is very light to hold.
Available either as a set of five or sold separately
A set of 5 pcs come in a signed wooden box
No gift box for items sold individually
Handmade in Sasebo, Japan
Made of red clay, not porcelain

Approx. Size: diameter 8.5 cm / 3.3", height 5 cm / 2"
Approx. volume: 115 ml / 3.8 oz

US$ 200.00 / set of 5 pcs SOLD OUT
US$40.00 per cup (Shipping charges not included) SOLD OUT