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Porcelain first started to be produced in Arita, Saga-pref. at the beginning of the 17th century when large kaolin deposits were discovered at Izumiyama ( see picture, bottom left). From this time on, blue sometsuke pieces were produced. The red overglaze technique of "akae" was introduced in the mid 17th century and by the end of the century gold decoration was also evident. From the mid 17th century onward many of these opulent and often highly ornamental pieces were shipped abroad from the port of Imari, resulting in all pieces crafted in and around the area ( ie. Arita and Nabeshima) being grouped together under the IMARI label.
It is a tradition in Arita that many craftsmen are involved in the production of one piece. For example there are craftsmen specialised in turning the pots, some involved in the underglaze painting ( see picture, bottom centre), and others in charge of the overglaze decoration. Once trained, most craftsmen stay in the same profession for life.
Pictured bottom right is the famous persimmon tree outside the Kakiemon kiln, a symbol of the famous craftsman's process of trial and error to develop a red pigment similar in color to the Japanese persimmon fruit in the mid 17th century. It is through the efforts of many great and diligent craftsmen that Arita has become synonymous with quality Japanese pottery and it is their legacy that keeps the Arita area still producing original and graceful pieces today.

Middle - Handpainting at Shingama kiln (Seika)
Egg shell porcelain by Hirado Tosho (Tosyo) XIII
Hirado eggshell porcelain cup
Arita porcelain tea set
Suisho bori Seigaiha
sencha cup

Suishobori teapot

Arita porcelain rock glass
Suishobori Seigaiha
Rock glass

Arita porcelain guinomi sake cup
Suishobori Seigaiha

Suishobori Seigaiha

Mount Fuji & Cherry Blossom relief dish from Kisen
Handpainted sometsuke tea bowl - Sardines from Warabe Kobo Studio

Handpainted sometsuke katakuchi sake pourer - Sardines from Warabe Kobo Studio

Arita porcelain handpainted rectangular plate
Hand painted sardines sakazuki
Hand painted sake cup - Sardines from Warabe kobo studio

Hand painted sakazuki
Hand painted sake cup - Choshi Coast from Warabe kobo studio

Handmade ceramic Dragon ceramic figures from Warabe Kobo Studio
Dragon ceramic ornament/Warabe Kobo Studio
Handmade Guardian Demons ceramic figures from Warabe Kobo Studio
Guardian Demons ceramic figures/Warabe Kobo Studio
Arita yunomi cup for Japanese green tea
Hakuji ridged yunomi
Japanese pottery Arita sake cup and a katakuchi sake pourer
Bunzan kiln
Japanese pottery Arita sake cups for ginjo and daiginjo
Arita porcelain Tanrei sake cups

Bird on a Twig design porcelain teapot from Aokobo studio

Arita celadon teapot and sencha cup set

Kinsai chidori Shonzui pattern teapot by Kisen 400 ml / 13.5 oz

Iroe Umekikumon teapot

Arita yunomi cup for Japanese green tea
Iroe Umekikumon yunomi
Arita yunomi cup for Japanese green tea
Iroe Umekikumon kumidashi cups

Gagyu white heron guinomi sake cup
Gagyu guinomi - white heron

Arita porcelain Rabbit shape small dishes (pair)

Arita porcelain Dragon small dishes (pair)

Ocean wave cups

Seigaiha pattern porcelain sencha cup
Seigaiha sencha cup

Abalone shape sometsuke sansui dishes from Kisen

Kinuta Seiji yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Kinuta Seiji guinomi
from Shinemon kiln

Shinsha guinomi
from Shinemon kiln

Arita Shinemon guinomi sake cup gift set
Various guinomi sake cup set from Shinemon kiln

Saiun guinomi
from Shinemon kiln

Taihi Tenmoku yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Silk road yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Floating petals yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Oukamon yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Oukamon mug
from Shinemon kiln

Kinyou yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Shinsha yusai yunomi
from Shinemon kiln

Shinsha teapot
from Shinemon kiln

Hirado Shonzui large plate
Arita handpainted tea bowls by Okabe Michiko
Okabe Michiko (Keikougama kiln)

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