by Hirado Tosho (Tosyo) XIII,




by Hirado Tosho (Tosyo) XIII,
by Hirado Tosho (Tosyo) XIII,
Hirado eggshell porcelain teacup - Yurikou Dragon

Traditional Hirado designs have been beautifully reproduced on these extremely fine porcelain cup. The porcelain is so thin that, when held up to the light, the sometsuke design shows through. Inspired by the past, this piece is of the highest quality modern day standard.
Yurikou means underglaze red copper color.

Approx. Size: diameter 9.9 cm / 3.8; height 4.7 cm / 1.8"
Approx. volume 180ml/ 6 oz (up to the rim.)

Made in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan by Hirado Tosho (Tosyo) XIII,
Fujimoto Gakuei

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