Iroe umekikumon yunomi



Iroe Umekikumon "yunomi" by Kisen

Teacups from the Kisen kiln, bearing the delicate Iroe Umekikumon, one of the traditional Imari patterns designed for imports abroad in the Meiji period.
The interior of the cups is left white in order to better appreciate the color of green tea.
Approx. Size:
(Large) diameter 2.7"(7.1cm); height 3.4" (8.8cm)
Approx. vol. 220ml / 7.4 oz
(small) diameter 2.5"(6.5cm); height 3.1" (7.9cm)
Approx. vol. 170ml / 5.7oz

Made in Arita, Japan by Kisen

US$ 25.00 each (Shipping charges not included.)
Shipping charges

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