Suishobori seigaiha rock glass

A very unique cup from Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture. The small holes around the sides are individually punched out by hand to create a lacy pattern and then filled in with "secret crystal", a material whose exact properties are known only to the craftsmen of the kiln! When held up to the light, the holes sparkle, adding a lovely translucent quality to the white porcelain which is further offset by bands of sometsuke wave patterns. Exquisite craftsmanship!
Comes in a paper gift box.
Handcraftedin Hasami (next to Arita town), Japan by Tanshin kiln.
Approx. Size: cup diameter 8.1cm / 3.1", height 8 cm / 3.1",
volume 320ml / 10.8 oz

US$90.00 (Shipping charges not included)