Oudei yellow teapot by Mokusen #11

I had the good fortune to acquire unique teapots in an unused condition from the collection belonging to the family of Mokusen. These teapots are sought after in the vintage market so I was very pleased to be able to obtain them.
Mokusen began sculpting with clay from an early age and started making Shudei teapots later on. He did not use a potter’s wheel to make his pots but instead utilised his excellent sculpting skill and cutting techniques such as mentori (ridged surface), itome (horizontal grooved) and nunome (textile tectured)to produce items with a unique character. In addition he preferred not to grind the rough edges of his pots (as is common in Tokoname) in order to leave them with a more natural texture.
Hand crafted in Tokoname, Japan by Tokoname craftsman Sugie Mokusen (1916-1981)
Comes in a wooden box.
Length : Approx. 12.8 cm / 5", Height: 9.3 cm / 3.6"
Vol. approx. 260 ml / 8.7 oz
US$265.00(Shipping charges not included) SOLD