Japanese pottery-Kyoto ware (Kyoyaku, kiyomizuyaki)

Kyo yaki is the name given to pottery made in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto. Kyo yaki came into being at the end of the 16th century, a period of great growth for Kyoto as the nation's capital and centre of politics and trade. The popularity of the tea ceremony created a demand for tea-ware, and the presence in Kyoto of artisans from all over the country, each equipped with their own special skills, meant that Kyoto was perfectly equipped to meet this need. This eclectic mix meant that Kyo yaki was able to borrow pottery techniques and designs from other regions of Japan as well as from China and Korea. This fusion gave rise to an original style and led the potters to experiment even further, giving Kyoto a reputation for innovative pieces with a character all of their own.
Mt.Fuji tapestry Yohen ginsho tenmoku by Kamada Koji
Mt.Fuji handpainted scroll/
Naka Sachimi
Kakiyu kokuhan / Kamada Koji
Yohen Ginsho / Kamada Koji SOLD
Suisei tenmoku sake cup/ Kamada Koji Tenmoku yohen sake cup / Kadama Koji Yuteki tenmoku sake cup /Tanaka Eikou
Ryusai tenmoku sakazuki by Nishijima Hideki Kosai tenmoku guinomi by Nishijima Hideki SOLD Shikon youko sakazuki from Touan kiln
Hokusai/ Kagetsu kiln Hokusai/ Kagetsu kiln Handpainted modern beauty yunomi teacup from Kagetsu kiln
special priced handpainted cups
Discontinued special price /Touan kiln Handpainted Cherry blossom chopstick rest/ Keirin Yousai hana mishima (flower embossed) kyusu from Jihyoue kiln
Kyoyaki handpainted rice bowl Kyoyaki handpainted rice bowl
Handpainted red dragon / Shihou
Handpainted shonzui four season flower rice bowl from Ichiraku kiln Handpainted shippo (Shichihou) rice bowl from Ichiraku kiln
Kyoto porcelain teapot by Ichiraku Dragon yunomi teacup
Dragon / Ichiraku Dragon/Ichiraku Green and yellow plum blossom patteren paired yunomi / Ogawa Shohou
Flower effect crystallized glaze matcha chawan/Touan
Shidare zakura (Weeping cherry blossoms) yunomi tea cups /Touan Orchid/Touan kiln
Flower effect crystallized glaze cups

Flower effect crystallized glaze sake set from Touan kiln

Flower effect crystallized glaze tea cups /Touan Flower effect crystallized glaze yunomi tea cups/Touan Konoha(leaf pattern) tenmoku/
Hp gold balloon vine sakazuki / Touan kiln Hp morning glory sakazuki /Touan Flower effect crystallized glaze pair yunomi #5 / Touan kiln

Purple glazed paired yunomi/ Zuisho kiln SOLD Purple glazed sake cup/ Zuisho kiln Manekineko ornament/
Rakunyu kiln
Kyoyaki cup by Kashun Kyoto Raku maneki neko ornament
Arabesque Shinbisou cup /Kashun Manekineko ornament/
Rakunyu kiln
Celadon cup from Risou kiln Mubyou/Ichiraku Mubyou /Zuisho
Kyoyaki bamboo forest yunomi Houhin gyokuro set Japanese pottery Sepia mishima yunomi cup
Bamboo forest/Chikuho kiln Kozanji gyokuro set/

Purple and green impressed flower pair yunomi / Touraku
Sepia Mishima guinomi from Touraku kiln
Somekacho/Kyosho Sometsuke obisansui yunomi
/ Ichiraku kiln
Mishima guinomi/ Touraku
Japanese pottery Sepia mishima yunomi cup
Uchizome sansui/Shiho Harvest moon plate/
Touan kiln
Mishima yunomi/ Touraku


About Shouhou Cherry blossom Tresure motif


Japanese pottery - Mubyou guinomi from Shouhou kiln Kyoyaki incense pot by Shoho
Mubyou (Six gourds) Mubyou Treasure motif
incense pot
Green ridged kumidashi/

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